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In today’s world, every girls wants to be silmmer and look fair but girls should understand that every body shape and every skin tone is beautiful in their own way, it is not necessary that by seeing others you forcefully do exercise and crash diet without having your wish to losse weight. Girls should do proper exercises and take proper intake nutrition will help them to be fit and healthy. Teenage girls should not have crash diets it will affect their health badly and they will feel like weakness due to weak immune system, so girls should have all the source of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, fruits and mainly be hydrated. Girls should not skip their breakfast at all because having breakfast will keep you energetic to concentrate on your lectures. Doing exercise daily will help her to be active and energetic whole day and it will also keep you fit and healthy. Girls should have proper 8 hours of sleep, so that next day you will feel fresh to do your activities and attend your lectures with fresh mind. They should wash their bra daily to avoid rashes and due to not washing bra daily will make you feel uncomfortable. Girls should not feel uncomfortable with acne and pimples because it is natural due to changing harmones and it’s the age that every girls goes through pimples and they go slowly, so girls you should not feel unesay. Girls must know about menstruation and should have knowledge about it. And while going through menstruation they should not feel bad or irrated because it natural every girls goes through menstruation and while having periods girls should aware about using pads instead of cloth and they should not use one pad for a day changing pad is important to not get affect from vaginal infections.
These were the things every teenage girls should know about her body.