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In today’s generation, Women goes through many health problems due to weight gain for that they should do exercise or yoga with healthy diet plan daily which will keep them away from health problems and it will also helpful to not get suffer from pcos or pcod problems.
Health Tips that every women should know:
1.Exercise and yoga: Doing exercise will keep you fit and energetic and Yoga will help you to make your body flexible. It helps to have good digestion. It gives better sleep at night. By doing yoga daily will release your stress and make you feel fresh for full day.
2.Don’t have crash diet: women should have proper diet by consulting with dietician because having crash diet will get affect on your health due to not taking proper intake of proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, vegetables and it will also harm your immunity. Women who suffer from pcos or pcod should not prefer crash diet.
3.Menstrual hygiene: Women should take proper care of menstrual hygiene by using clean washroom and changing pads is necessary, one pad for day will get infect your vaginal area. Every women should use pad instead of cloth, because of using cloth will affect you to various infections like urinary infection, fungal infection. Therefore women should use good quality of pads for menstrual hygiene.
4.Stop eating junk food: By eating package foods or junk foods will make you unhealthy and your body will not get proper nutrition due to which it will lead to weak immunity and health problems. Having junk food for once is fine but don’t have mostly.
5.Doing Meditation: Many women does overthinking and giving stress to your mind due to which it lead to mental health. By doing meditation daily will relax your mind and relief your stress. For Starting meditation you should do atleast 10 minutes and after doing regularly you should do it for 40 minutes daily.
These Health Tips will help every women in their daily life.