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Yes, gender stereotypes play a major role in disrespecting women, gender biases, and patriarchy all these things are part of society because all these women respect does not matter. No matter how women hard she works and achieves something she will never get the respect that she deserves, many women try to break these stereotypes but they have to face a lot of difficulties and criticism, women are limiting themselves by being okay with each every norm it’s now being legacy even if we go outside and ask women few questions related to gender stereotypes 90% of women will say its normal for them and it’s being everyday thing .every women deserve an equal amount of respect and value as a male member of society gets. Women are not allowed to do things that they wanted to do no family allows their daughter or wife to go alone outside at night because it’s unsafe. Female should have long hair and wear a dress like a long skirt, kurta and saree Women are always judged by society by clothes they whom they hang out with. Nobody dares to question males. If men had known how to respect and treat women there will be fewer cases of sexual harassment and catcalling on street. First, teach men how to value women. Also, entertainment and media should stop showing gender stereotypes it has a very bad influence on women’s respect. Support the communities and organization which are trying to break this, they are showing courage women should need to support them. Women should leave the place where they do not get respected and mistreated all the time. We can change this by educating people by making everything neutral for both the gender. We need to change the perspective of society and every human deserves dignity and respect.