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No, In today’s generation also women are not safe because women don’t have proper safety like while travelling to different places in public transport. Their are many women who are not aware of their rights because of which they don’t raise the voice against wrong. In news channel, we can see that how women are getting affected through domestic violence and how the cases are increasing day by day of rape, sexual harassment, molestation, kidnapping, acid attack, harassment at workplace and what not. And there are many cases of women who don’t get justice because of not having proof and at some places the cases related to women don’t even get investigated due to which people who does criminals are more free to do crime. While travelling at night women don’t feel comfortable because of people who misbehave with women. Their should be safety for women in public transport and their should be separate compartment for men and women like in local train. In villages also women are facing domestic violence and they don’t take stand because of not aware of their rights. Government should plan such organizations or campaigns at villages who aren’t aware of their rights and self-defense training also so that women can fight back and protect herself from domestic violence. It will surely help women in villages to give an lesson for such people who don’t respect women. In urban and rural areas there are still people who don’t support women in their education and forced them to get married at the time of making career instead of forcing her for marriage they should support and motivate women to complete her education. Women don’t feel free to talk about menstrual problem because of society mentality. Talking of menstrual problem should be normalise because many women don’t know about menstrual hygiene. Society shouldn’t be shame to talk about menstrual problem it’s a natural thing for women. And Lastly, Government should more focus on women’s safety facilities.