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In recent time from last 8-10 years the commercial ad presenting female in male job , Advertising play a main role on changing thinking of people , society .., Advertisements can make the trend also in recent years advertising change the thinking about females , The advertising shows female power in world like athletic , sexual , expert , hard working , family , empowerment… Advertising shows women in a high post of jobs , family head and more this mean women is also capable as man to lead the main role in life , in work , in mission…As we compare last 20 year ad’s with recent time ad’s we can easily see the difference , how advertising presenting female , some research shows that people who like to watch ad’s female receiving high post , female power , Independent , achievements .., they likely to become more inspired to reach their goals in their career rather than thinking stereotypes about females. There are different types of stereotype of women in advertising like domestic obsessive , self less nurturer , sexual objects , unattainable goddess , the fraught juggler , the bit part. From many of us seen that video where a man ask to kid show HOW THE GIRLS RUN AND BOYS RUN and when they ask to run like girls they act like silly walking and when they ask to run like man they act like strong , This is what stereotypes doing to new generation. Commercial ads should not make comparison between men and women or they should not portray like women are weak than men due to which it will put negative impact on audience of gender inequality because of which society thinking will not change towards women that they should be equally treated like men.