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Coding is a very essential skill and even from a job perspective also we know that everything is going online, coding will help girls lot of ways .there is no pay gap difference who does professional coding male and female are earning the same salary. Coding in the future is going to be the subject for students, so girls after learning coding languages can also teach in schools. There very few women who have created their website and we all know women like to shop and sell, so by coding they can create their own website and can expand their business. Coding will help to increase the logical thinking and critical reasoning which a girl must learn coding is a not difficult language to study. by learning to code the girls will understand better technology. It will also help in the future. We know technology mostly dominated by men, if girls do not give priority to coding then it can create a tech gender gap. Also, coding will be the language of future generations and this revolution is started. There is a lot of organization for learning coding which is teaching coding to the girls for free. Coding will teach you many skills and through this girls can also get a secure job. By learning, girls can get the opportunity to get a job in some of the biggest companies such as google, amazon or Facebook, etc. Girls can be made concrete their website for their business. IT is the fastest growing industry in whole and women should take benefit of this by learning to code.