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Technology has made such a great impact on women lives by giving them source of learning new things, exploring, getting connected with their parents and their are many women who changed their professional life by using technology in a proper way. Because of technology women are more active about recent news or anything which is trending due to having mobile phones. At old times their used to be one normal cell mobile phone in family and that to remains with male member of the family. In today’s generation women are also having smartphones due to which they used learn new things like cooking, getting knowledge about something, doing online shopping and what not. And they can also contact with their parents, relatives. Due to technology their are automatic machines like washing machine, floor cleaning and many more things that really help working Women to do all the household chores faster. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation many girls and women has learn lot of things online like doing different course, doing internship, attending webinar of mental health, maternal health or fitness because of technology women are getting to know more about their rights and if women who is not educated due to certain reasons they are also learning online and utilizing this pandemic situation. And we can also see that before in youtube their were lots of men were doing vlogging and now their are lot women than men who has youtube channel and many of them are doing vlogging. Technology has really help women who can’t get support of their family for education by using smartphones they start youtube channel, small business or learning online through which they get online job opportunities. Because of technology many women can also learn self-defense by seeing videos from youtube it will help them to protect herself from people who does misbehave with women.