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We all know everything is now upgrading online and mostly in future every work will happen on the internet so I.T. sector will only keep growing and expanding and coding is considered, as a base for all of these, so they are much organization which can teach coding to women and girls, also in India NEW EDUCATION POLICY coding is considered as to make coding as a compulsory subject for secondary and colleges. we can learn coding on YouTube for free, and social media platforms also provide videos if women do not want to pay they can learn through this. In the course era, there are some universities that are offering a free course on HTML, CSS, and python. She codes is also the organization which offers free coding courses to women and then also offer the workshop and internship. Women and girls learn to code sincerely and it will help them to earn money. Code first girls it is the website which conducts workshop for girls and teaches them coding languages for free there motto is to give the women and girls the fair advantage. Girls develop it there are on a mission they no more want to see girls develop the website and also the women who know coding can sell their courses. mother coders, py ladies. These are some sites which are offering courses to learn languages. Even women learn coding any person who is in the I.T. field knows languages. In the future, there will be more demand for coders. So women can join any organization available which teaches coding and also offer internship opportunities. This organization is really doing great work by teaching coding and empowering them to be independent this shows that we are moving towards a society where fair treatment is given to everyone. one can jumpstart their career by learning and excel in the I.T. world.