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To take health insurance is very important for everyone especially for women of the country. By taking a health insurance plan gives protection from hefty expenses during medical emergencies it will release the tension of health expenses. Also, there are many health benefits given under the insurance plan and we have to very minimal amount every month. Women body becomes by giving birth to a child also there are many female diseases are very common which happens to most women if women have already taken the health insurance plan it will really beneficial for them. It also helps to provide financial stability, now some companies have also started to provide company employees the health insurance Benefits also to their families. Most of the women are busy with family responsibilities because of it they do not give their own health the priority by taking health insurance plan it can give you financial protection. There are many cases where women have to sell their jewelry and property during the time of medical emergency. Health ministry provides free health insurance to fewer income rural regions, we need to make them aware and empower them to take health insurance plans. The government also gives tax benefits on insurance. there are some women who consider health insurance as an unnecessary expense, it may look like an expense now but one day it is going to help a lot. Women who can afford they need to stop ignoring the insurance also it is very important to check a company’s reviews before taking any planning some insurance companies are fraud. Also, we need carefully keep the document and details of the company. Pandemic is being the lesson for everyone so many people lost their lives because of financial problems they aren’t able to start treatment on time. So women should treat insurance as a lifeline and take it.