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No one can give their 100 % if they didn’t get chance to work of their choice. This happens alot with women they don’t get to study more because family marriage pressure and family responsibilities.our society thinnks women should have to do basic education make basic career choices such as beautician, teacherand tailor do work from home as much as many female want to pursue career in I.T industry, entertainment industry and in fashion ,automobile this Industry is very vast and requires real talent and passionate who ready to give their time for this. But women after marriage have sacrifice their career because family responsibilities , children and women have to take permission from husband. Very few women in this country gets chance to continue their dream career, a person can give their 100 % if they are love in what they are doing and if It’s work they wanted to do. Women need to stop being puppet’s and Start doing what they want to do in career by staying strong and facing all the difficulties which are going to come between their way.society will criticise you but if every women started to choosingcareer it will bring a positive change in society.but women have face disappointment because they does not get equal pay and promotion they have to tackle the sexist behaviour everywhere.people will never understand madness of your own career choice until you make them understand. Killing your dreams and going for different career choices what people thinks is safe Even if you earn salary but one will be never be happy. Women is just expecting support from the family and husband,Nothing more that. Something are slowly evolving women who are educated they are not letting go there education in vain but becoming what they are working hard always trying to make their career as priority.