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Women don’t work for to get something in return like money or gifts. It isn’t about money if a housewife gets love, respect, and the right to run her house with her husband mutually, if she gets love and care by her children it’s her salary. A male works day and night to feed his family and not let them deprive of money and a housewife. If women works outside too keeps everything intact, be it the house chaos, studies of children, taking care of elders. Both the male and female of the house should be given a lot of love and respect by their children and should share it mutually. women are paid for household work in form of secured home, meals and loving husband who give monthly pocket expenses and if she bears children she will get unlimited joy of rearing them up which one cannot count in terms of money. If they want salary than they have to work outside with permission of husband to find out how much they are worth. If husband income is big he will gladly give big portion to his wife to run household expenses with generous pocket money. If not she has to manage with whatever resources available. And on the otherside it is “housework” the work which needs to be done by the people living in that particular house, not just the female member. It is not just her duty, but also her husband’s duty and she wants her husband to recognise that. woman is always happy to do household chores for “free”. She doesn’t want to be paid in money. But she wants to be respected. Women are queen of their House and not servants for which they should be paid. Their work helps to build the home just like a castle is made.