You wanna talk to him, but you will never call; you wanna go out with him, but you will never ask; you wanna express that to him, but you will never say; you wanna care for him, but you will not show; you wanna love him, but you will never confess. Yes, you do this, not once but many a times. Many a times your ego steps ahead your emotions. But, why is it so fast to go that way? Is it so simple to lose all hope and go cold-blooded?

Dignity or I must say self-respect is remarkably essential for a woman. There comes time when you, woman has to take a back step just to preserve her image and individuality. Some challenges are ought to be take to prove yourself. This is for all those married women whose love sleeps due to the silence of their bloomer and also for those women in relation who forgets their love under their false fuss.

Life is really very short if see, each second passes with a click and eventually you have as many less time as you feel to spend with your loved ones. Each moment once gone is never going to come back, this life is one time opportunity, and you must not regret for something. Have a courage of being the real you at face. Why to fear about how you feel. You may think the person will not understand, you may think the person is not for you, you may fear the society or above all you may be behind your Ego! Life starts simple so its good to keep it simple that way only, its obviously no intelligence to complicate it over some false believes.

There is a thin and fine line between self-respect and ego. That line must be taken into account and should be kept in mind otherwise; you will lose what is only yours. When you are with someone, its your good sense to cope up with them, at times you might be wrong and at times the other person might be wrong. But at difficult times you can’t just give up everything and stay your own way only, you need to think from other’s mind also. You may have fight with him but after all there is love somewhere between being sacrificed. Just think the person who once was your breath, now you can’t even tolerate his sense, because of your ego issues. This is foolish I would say. If you love the person with you, than taking a first step will not harm you, but it will lift you up in other’s eyes that your reaction matters more for you than anything. Yes, of course I am not saying you to lay down for someone so deep that you can’t rise up in your own eyes. Don’t collapse those heart-jumping instances for your anger and self-centered behavior.

What basically the point is, never let your attitude ruin your beautiful relation. Love is precious and unique; preserve it softly. Mark the line between dignity and ego.