Girls we are born with strong mental power, self esteem. We are stronger than men mental wise. In India, always Womens voice is been banned or Never allowed to talk or throw her opinions.

In our Country, Were there is no respect for Women, even her opinions and views have always been tried to hide behind the walls or behind her Ghungat. No matter, how much the Womem go through whether its domestic violence or violence in public, her voice is always been shut down. If She wants to voice up against the norms of the society, people always threaten or make her so scared that she will fail to speakup for herself. Before Women were always dependent on her family or in laws that, she had no option to support her family and they used to keep quite, no matter whatever rough patch they were going to.

But now situations are changing Women are becoming very independent, smart and intelligent. Women have become smart and they use their own brains. Not get influvenced by the threates, Now women knows to stand and fight for themselve. Women have started giving their opinions and view, no matter how hard it is. Women now do stand for themselves

Now they never be Sorry for being right. Always throwing your voice on wrong patchs is not wrong, its always right. Nowaday Women have become so confident in fight the evil things that, men now have become weak. Now men get scared of Women voices, because in India Women Rights have been come up.

And now Women don’t shut thier mouth against thier husband and in laws. They give them left and right the way they deserve to be treated. I have seen when there used to be fight between mom dad, when my dad used to yell on mom, She used to just keep quite and shed tears. But now my dad gets scared because my mother gives right back to my dads face. Then my dad gets tired of agrument And he keeps quite.

Women in India are changing So much. They never be Sorry for being right. And never should be scared of Being Right!