My heart is weeping tears of blood! Sexual violence against women in persistently increasing day by day

Where is our Country heading towards, destruction of Women, Girls, Ladies? Is there any respect left for us in this Country, day by dad I keep reading the newspaper where women have been raped, each and every second. Why people cant take strike over this main issue, here we Women are dying in pain. And other side people are fighting for nonsense issue Padmavaat which is been the headline of every newspaper, television. And that for the stupid issue, which was not an issue, people had almost come on the roads.

If this kind Violence, they show for us Women who are dying out rapes, If they would have stricken against the Women’s safety, till now no one would have dared to touch any women in India.

Just a Few days I heard this very depressing news on the TV, Where an eight-month-old baby from Delhi who hales from a poor family, has been allegedly raped by, her own 28-year-old cousin brother. She has undergone a three-hour surgery and is in Intensive Care Unit, And just now heard that her condition is still critical.

Seriously, I just can’t imagine have humanity in India have died, here Men are turning into animals. We cant compare these men to animals because animal they have cursory. These Men are monsters, they don’t see or what, have these Men become soo lustrous, so uncontrollable that they don’t see the difference in a Baby,  its baby ya For God sake.

Now what were the babies fault, she did not wear, shorts skirts or jeans that she can attract Men, to do such Evilish act. What is happening?  to this world Why?why? these angelic Babies are also not spared, why these bloody creepy men, cant stop their big penises…

And that to her own cousin brother, Oh God! Brother itself is a big word in the family, who promises to protect her sister from evil eyes, but when that member only turns into Evil, the whom we trust now. It will become very difficult to trust our own family member, then what will you expect from other Men, who are just waiting for their next target.

According to NCRB data, 927 cases of child rape were registered in Delhi, last year, and at least three cases of rape took place every day in the national capital.

Now the days have come like not even Women, even Baby infants are not safe. You people only say. Where Babies parents trusted her family member and gave their baby to them to look after because both the parents are working, And when they return home what they see, their Baby is crying and bleeding in pain. Now we can’t trust anybody.

Will Our babies of the Country be safe?