Our Country, Is always know for its rich values, customs, and traditions. And when we here about it we feel immensely very proud of our Nation. But in the same tradition were our, Many Indian Goddess are worshipped like Laxmi, Parvati in a divine positive way.

In that Country, Why A Baby Girl is killed before her birth?..don’t they have right to live. Was it her fault that she was born as a Baby Girl Fetus. That time where is the positive ways and divinity towards Baby Girl changes into So much cruelty, Even they are Women like Our Indian Goddess. That time where does the heart go. When people don’t have respect towards Baby Fetus, will Goddess accept peoples prayers?

No, Goddess will never accept their prayers, because if people only kill Gifts of God like Baby Girl Fetus, God will stop full filling their devotee’s wishes.

Nowadays, where has the humanity towards a Baby Fetus died, which has not even entered this beautiful World. Before that, she is cut off from her mother’s womb and thrown off like a piece of meat. Seriously, I can’t even imagine it how can anyone be so beastly stoned heart to kill those innocently poor Baby Girl Fetus.

When I was born to my family. Everybody welcomed me in Very Grand Way, As I was lucky to be born to my family were everyone in the house loved me, pampered me, and always kept me safe, Touchwood!!

I wish this kind welcome would happen to other Baby Girls, who deserve to be born in this beautiful world.I feel so unlucky for the people, who still did not learn the value of a Baby Girl.

Though India, say that theirs reduce in Girl fetus killing, but still in rural parts of India Baby Girls Fetus are being aborted before their birth. I don’t know when will people learn the value of Girl Baby, If there will not be Baby Girl, by end of 2030 people will end up shortage in Brides,

Despite every effort to change perceptions, many Indians simply do not want daughters, who are still seen as a financial burden because of the matrimonial dowry demanded by a groom’s family. ‘People don’t want girls because they have to worry about their safety and security and they have to pay to get them married off.

India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, condemned female foeticide as ‘inhuman, uncivilized and reprehensible’. Yet the sheer scale of the problem appears to be thwarting the government’s stated intention to tackle it. The High Court in Delhi recently took Google and other internet firms to task for running ads for sex-selective abortion. But no sooner does one door shut than another one opens. Before scans were widely available, unwanted girls tended to be killed shortly after birth. With the arrival of scans, the focus switched to abortions.

The deep-seated cultural preference for sons has skewed India’s 1.2 billion population’s gender demographics, particularly in the western states of Haryana, Rajasthan, and Punjab. n Haryana’s Jind district, where Bibipur is located, the sex ratio is 871 females per 1,000 males, compared with the national average of 940.

So now I would like to conclude by saying that it should be “next timE IT WILL BE GIRL’ rather than praying for a boy always and this change can be brought about in the society by us only. I would leave you with some shocking facts that will tell u the seriousness of the situation.

* 1 out of every 3 girls does not live to see her 15th birthday

* 1/3rd of these deaths take place at birth.

* Every 6th girl child’s death is due to sex determination.

* 3 lakh more girls then boys die every year.

* By 2020 there would be more than 35 million young ‘surplus males’ in China and 25 million in India.

Now it’s totally up to you people to decide whether you want to see a change or not.