“Because women’s are entitled to remain ignorant, if a trespasser comments upon her.”

It might seems to be a pathetic statement, however, this is what the society demands from a woman when being Cat-called.

Ask any woman if she’s been cat-called and you will hear a resounding ‘YES’. Also if you may ask them about when , probably the answer will be “last week”.

Cat calling – street harassment – unwanted male attention or whatever you would like to say.It is a verbal assault from where men feel completely at peace with touching, grabbing and physically intimidating a woman.

“C’mon baby! Let me pull your hairs!”

“Hey girl! Your figure is calling my hands.”

These are the most frequent and ‘ absurd ‘ that a man or I must prefer a fool (keeping exceptions apart) call a lady walking down the street , just to seek her mere attention. Boasting off their masculinity through gestures, eye expression, lip licking, whistling and other vulgar physical expressions.

This moment after the perplexed obfuscation she’ll try to squeak through the place and ultimately this vague demand of ‘ so-called social recognized society ‘ will get accomplished.

These words hit hard on solitude and existence as a woman, the pious creature of universe.

Once I stumbled upon an article on INTERNET, saying ” CAT-CALLING IS FLATTERING! ” I was filled with rage after seeing that. It seemed obscure to me that how can verbal harassment or being called upon , flattering? Rather, Cat calling is a way to physical harassment and a example of what constitutes rape culture. To legitimate cat calling is to give voice to those who don’t deserve it!

It is becoming a catastrophic event leading to mental, physical and social breakdown and other severe health malfunctioning. Almost 80% women gets caught under emotional imbalance including depression and suicidal thoughts.

How can we talk about equality and Justice where the entitlement allow men to say, do, and act the way they want to women?

Just make sure,the next time if you’ve been cat-called, Don’t forger to give a reply as a remark of solitude!

Source of image- Pinterest