We are all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.

Everyone has their own insecurities, their own passion, their own flaws and their own achievements. You see everything is your own and yet there are people who will judge you. That is the flaw of the human nature. We find it interesting to point out others, rather than correcting our own. And you know who is judged the most? It is the women of our society, many a times judged by the women of the same society. It’s a strange world, isn’t it?

If a woman works late night, it becomes the duty of these judges to judge her and think of all the impossible things she could be involved in like maybe she’s having an affair or maybe she’s involved in drugs. These people will never value her efforts, her dedication or her pain.

If a woman wants to pursue her dream, these people devalue her. They believe that she is irresponsible or running away from responsibilities.

If a woman gets raped, then it was her fault. These people think that she was somehow alluring the rapist.

These are just some cases I have specified, but there are many, so many that you and I have never heard of, so many that we can’t even list out. So many of them are already suffering and many are yet to suffer. And just throwing the blame on to her won’t make it any easy. She is already in pain, already battling to survive, already sacrificing for her loved ones, already misjudged and already destroyed. We need to support her, trust her and more of all stand by her!

And women, you need to trust yourself when no one does. Stand on your own because no one always will! They can just support you but they can’t complete your journey. That negativity you feel around you, is merely you! It is the voice, you need to suppress. It is the vision, you need to ignore. Focus on the positives. Be strong. It’s a strange world! You are not alone, yet you are!