“Mom I am home. You are still in your pajamas… not well? why you aren’t dressed up till now, what were you doing since?” many a times I used to ask these questions to my mom, to which she always gave me the same reply- “i was doing the house chores”. At that time I used to think that it was such a long time i left for school and till then what had she been doing that she cannot even get dressed up nicely. But i never bothered much about it, this question blinked for a few minutes only. Time answered me that i myself was the answer to my questions.

The eyes that opens very first in the morning, the mind that gets activated last night only to make the tomorrow’s menu, the hands that gets craggy before time, the body that never questions for being so overloaded, the foot that goes to and fro the whole house for 24*7 and at last the love that never fades; what makes us ask this god face, “tum sara din krti kya ho”. To all those who ask this question to their wives and mothers, you answer me what do you think who makes your breakfast to dinner all meals so lavish, who comes to settle those wrinkled bed sheets, who takes care of your belongings for not being messy and which google answers your questions you had been asking all time you are home?  Swipe out those curtains of your so called hard work and find the answer. If you are in right direction then you will get to know that what i am actually trying to say.

You think you are studying hard day-night; getting up early, sleeping late, maintaining so many notes, remembering numerous theorems and all that stuff; but u gotta agree for one thing that you are able to study quietly and peacefully because your mother never lets you bother about other issues. All those men who goes to office for that 8-5 job, or are busy building their working empire, say they have sweated blood, but ‘she’ is the only who always had their back emotionally.  But you never pay attention towards her effort you just see your hard work. Be it anything, virtual or real, there is nothing that she cannot solve for you.  She takes a step backward to let you put one step towards your dream. She may have not eaten two meals of the day but she will never make you sleep empty stomach. No matter how chilling cold it is, she will be the first one to leave the blanket. No matter how low she will be feeling but she will never utter a word. No matter how hard the circumstances are, she will never step back.Try one whole day working exactly as your wive or your mom, and imagine someone asking you the above question. If i would be at your place, it would make me punch that face; but she only gives a smile. How generous this is to work without being applauded for what you do. Put yourself in other’s shoes before you comment on someone else work.

To all those housewives who comes around this above question, never get disheartened rather feel proud because it is one the most hard job in the world to think of others before your own and that too without any thing in revert. I would address them the ‘iron fists’ because these hands are responsible for holding the integrity and co-ordination of a house. All those white collar jobs can never reach up to this 24*7 unpaid job, so never question a house maker that, why is she tired by just sitting in the house?

Your mom, your mother and all those house workers have a really important and priceless place in what ever you do and you really gotta owe them your achievement because in a way or other they always helped you. But did you do something for them? If not yet, then try helping them and see the hidden pleasure which lies behind that small happy tear.

Image Source: The Lunchbox (movie)