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Samriti Sharma
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Housewife as we speak today are also known as homemakers, in my personal opinion this is the only job which requires lot of hardwork and dedication with almost zero returns. Housewives are the women who work tirelessly out of love and affection for their family but are still not valued as they should be. In the process of making everyone happy in family they have begun loosing themselves. They have forgotten their individuality in a manner and do it here becomes important that some steps are taken in the form of free online courses which will not only help in building up their skills but will also enhance their overall personality. It here becomes important to acknowledge that by this way housewives today are being provided with an opportunity to pursue their career Along with domestic life. These online courses are not confined but have a wide application. There are number of online courses available which can be opted by such housewives:
.Digital Marketing, which is a professional course and involves good amount of money. It basically is a work from home opportunity which makes it even more suitable for housewives.
2. Interior designing, as a course is another important opportunity to restart a carrier. As a matter of fact we know that women have this skill of decorating their homes and this course further enables them to polish this particular skill with help of professionals.
3. Fashion Designing, experimentation with fashion is something that we all love, which requires fashion sense, this inborn skill can be turned into profession with such online free courses.
4. Teaching course, it is one of the most valued profession, it undoubtedly is a stepping stone for financial independence of housewives.
5. Content writing courses, this again is a profession which is high in demand and is also very suitable for housewives.
There are many other courses like video editing course, beautician and makeup courses, Yoga courses etc.
These courses have proved to be very helpful to enable many housewives in India and across the globe to restart their career