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Afshan Iqbal
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Men are better in science and women are better in humanities? Definitely not! Whether it’s a man or a woman, choosing their desired subject is a right. People don’t choose their area of interest because of their gender. Although society wants them to choose it according to their gender, it all depends on the person. Of course, society will judge a girl if she chooses science and a boy if he chooses humanities because that’s not what it’s supposed to be. Isn’t it? Girls are weak and hence need weak subjects and boys are strong so they will tackle the difficulty of science as a subject! What a fool we are as a society. Humanities is neither tough nor easy and so is science. It all depends on a person’s interest in a particular subject. It’s a predominant culture that a boy has to take science and become an engineer or doctor or scientist and girls, oh they are supposed to take humanities/arts because who cares? All girls have to do is get married and do household chores and their education is just for the sake of a degree. Enough of this stereotyping!!!! I have been a science student till class 10th and then I took up humanities because it was my choice. MY CHOICE!! Nobody told me to take up humanities because science is too tough for me or I didn’t score well in science. I had no interest in science and then I realized that my interest lies in the field of humanities. Now if you say you’re a girl nobody will judge you for taking humanities so let me tell you that my brother who has been a science student throughout school life took humanities in his degree course because he realized that his potential lies in humanities and it has nothing to do with marks. So, it all depends on YOU! Please never think you are less or better in anything because of your gender. Take up whatever you want. Live your dreams. People will judge you but who cares?