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038 deepika Singh
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I firmly believe that a woman should be capable enough of taking decisions relating to her body, whether it is related to having a child or aborting it. But so is not the case in our country. Women are not allowed to have abortion any time they pleases. Our government have the rights to interfere in a intimate matter of what a women wants to do with her foetus. According to the Indian Penal Code the offence falls under ‘Offences Affecting the Human Body’, and provides that causing a miscarriage with or without consent for a purpose other than saving the life of the woman is punishable. But I believe that the decision of giving birth to a child or not should be left in the hands of the person whose body is ultimately going to carry the risk. However, there should be some exceptions like if the baby or the mother faces some threat due to the pregnancy.

Being pregnant is a big deal, and intervention of a third person who absolutely have no contribution in it is completely baseless. If the male contributor of the pregnancy has good relationship with the woman, then should absolutely hear him out but the ultimate decision of giving birth should lie in the hands of the woman.