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038 deepika Singh
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With an increase in the number of crimes against children like kidnapping, molestation, sexual assault, the need to include self- defence in the school curriculum has become a necessity rather than just an option. I believe that self defence should be a core subject in our schools just like English and maths.
Why is self-defence an important requirement in today’s time?
Learning self-defence at an early age helps a child to ensure his personal safety and defence. Children are more prone to crimes than adults as they are often considered easy targets and defenceless. Teaching your child self- defence means allowing hum to learn how to tackle an impending danger without falling in trap. Learning self- defence allows a child to be more aware of his/her environment, they are not only trained physically but also mentally. They are taught to deal with the unexpected, hence they are ready for anything. Not only this, but defence also a student to boost his self esteem allowing him to explore his full potential. A child with such abilities can not only rescue himself but also help others at times of distress. Self- defence also helps in empowering of a girl child. A physically and mentally strong girl can protect herself from the crimes that are associated to women.
Self defence not only raises self-assurance and confidence in children and help them under uncanny situations but also serves as a pathway to a healthy and fit lifestyle. It has become of the basic necessities these days, considering the increasing rates of crimes against children especially girls. Schools should not merely focus on educational excellence of a child but should also prepare them for the worst. Self- defence is today’s need and it a must in our school-curriculum.