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You have a right to remain fat is basically a book written by feminist author Virgie Tovar. This book is available online sites one buys it its really a good self-help book with nice ratings, Virgie Tovar always wanted her body to be when she was in her teenage so she kept on being diet when she was very young by dieting and she has constant guilt, one day she decided to give up let have the freedom to believe in her body again. From that time, she is helping everyone to deal with the same, she is a positive writer, in the book she has shared every bit of an anti-fat bias in the book she is trying to give motivation by saying you are not a problem but there is a big problem with the mindset of the society. After reading the book you will be enlightened, happy, and inspired. How can dieting and fatphobia be a big problem for them, she really wants to tell the truth to the world. She says one needs to unlearn the phobia of fat. Embrace the body you have been blessed with. She has share chunks of her life about how people used to bully what made her change her thought this, in today everyone wants to look thin and have the perfect body to achieve this goal they are depriving a lot of things and dieting. It is being jobbed for a woman to look thin and beautiful, one has the right to remain fat if anyone is insecure about their body needs really read her book.