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Women has the rights to make her own decisions with her body. Nobody has right to forcefully put the decisions on her. Women has the right to decide that they want the baby or not. In our society, where women’s decision is not consider instead everyone will start judging with her decision of abortion. If women says that she wants abortion than people will start blaming her and put thoughts in their mind like they are doing huge mistake. It is not esay for women to take decision of abortion but what if she is not ready to take responsibility because having baby comes with lots of responsibility. Women has to make sole decision for abortion because she has career goals and dreams towards her life. People should start excepting women’s decisions towards abortion instead of blaming her or saying no, this will affect both baby and mother because she is not prepare to nurse baby. Before any decision women obviously discuss with her partner but family should not put their decision on her rather than let them decide and respect their decision. And if women wants the child in that matter also nobody should force her for abortion. And there are women who fighting against wrong, if someone is forcing for abortion. We should support and encourage women who are saving small life inside her. Society need to understand the decision of abortion is totally on women because she is the one who will suffer from abortion, the pain and the decision is going to hard for her. In that we can only do one thing which is supporting her decision. Women should get the rights to make sole decision for herself. Their should be awareness about reproductive health education for women for such unsafe abortions. Women should must consult their doctor to have safe treatment for abortion. The sole decision to have baby or not should be given to only women without forcing her with other family members decisions.