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Teachers has the power to promote gender equality in classroom because after parents teachers are the one who teach ethics and habits to children. Teachers need to understand that every student is equal. They should not do comparison or show differences between boys and girls. Generally in classroom their are half of the students are girls and half of the students are boys all are unique and good with their work but at first day of school or college teachers used to make all sort of assumptions like girls should be at first bench, girls are better than boys, suggesting career option like boys can be policeman girls and can be teachers this clearly shows gender equality. Teachers should treat all the students equally they should give equal chance for all the students to answer the questions. They should organize classroom in such a way that students feel equality like sitting arrangement. Teachers should not show inequality between students by asking good students to sit at front and average students at back. They should maintain equality if any child has any eye problem so they should ask that students to sit at front. Teachers gesture and posture should be equal for all the students. Mostly female teachers assign responsibility or leadership to girls and male teachers also does the same thing. Why? They should not see gender of the student while assigning any responsibility. In sports competition also teachers give many opportunity to boys than girls because of physical power. But girls are equally deserve to get opportunity in sports competition . Teachers should make sure that all the students get chance or opportunity to participate in every activity. In school teachers should teach both girls and boys about menstrual and sex education. School should arrange some guest lectures for students on gender equality or career options. Both male and female teachers should treat their students equally.