“dhiyan se jana”, “zada baat mt krna kisi se”, “stay strong and face pe daar mt dikhne dena”, “stand for right and don’t support the wrong”. When a girl steps out of the house for the very first time, she’s always made aware of the outside world saying the above statements and much more like them. Her family puts forward a nice picture of her dignity and boundaries, whose weight she had to carry the whole time. Obviously the family is the one which will support and fight for you unconditionally. That one corner of earth where you are infinity times assured that you are safe. But is that true for all of us?

When a girl steps in the real world, she has many more things to keep sorted along with focusing on her goals. Everyone will agree with me that the girls are very observant and quite restrictive when it comes to be close with someone, because they are taught in that way to not trusting anyone easily. That responsible -‘being a daughter’ tagline always hang on the head before carrying out anything. I guess this is no bad or false, because this is who we are, this is where we live and these are our roots.

Ever since every daughter is advised and made understood how to behave when there are not at their home, but no one tells that at times you need to be observant in our own house also! Imagine how would it feel when you see that the only safest quarter of the whole building is no safer? It kills. We read of rape cases and eve-teasing headlines, but something that many of us are not even aware of is the child abuse, than many of us go along their lifetime. That pure and sweet phase of life is turned into a horrible experience that child would never want to be a kid again. How disturbing is this when we listen that the age stamped for having all the fun elements has been torn and dumped in to hell. Why, what do people get doing this shity stuff and that too with the face of god? This is really suppressed news because many children don’t utter a single word out of fear, many don’t even know how and what to explain and some don’t get that they are being abused. This is such a shameful picture for those devils listed under this insane crime.

I feel that every woman is beauty and a very pure and pleasing creation of god. Every stage of hers brings out a new color. She flourishes and blossoms at each new step. But the flower will never blossom if someone ruins the emerging bud. This thing leaves a strong impact on a person’s mind set for the whole lifetime. I pity on those monsters up in this list, who don’t even forgive the cute kids. What on earth makes you so brutal that you can not even stand a pretty face of a juvenile. Is this you call being grown up? If sill this don’t at least make you down your lashes you gotta test whether you are a human or not.

It would be very nice if we teach our daughters and even sons about this thing. Make them vocal so that they can stand for themselves whenever someone curbs them for being younger.