“What is she wearing yaar”, “oo, bhai look at her”, “vo saxena ji ki ladki hai na, bda bda western-western krti hai”; you may have not listened to all that, but its is the truth. 70 years of independence and still our society cannot bear the women dressed up freely. We say it’s a democratic country, and we all have a say in the way we want to be ruled, but in real many of us don’t even have a say in our own lives. Especially women, who are forced to take each and every step according to everyone, accept her own self.

Each day, every second changes the time and so changes the aura, gradually since long we all have been leaning towards the western ways of living. I myself have never seen a man wearing ‘kurta-pajama’ to his office. But for those, restricted to the cultural norms, there is no change then and now. Leave the metropolitans and give a look to those areas where still women are fighting for their basic rights. Even if you see in urban areas, they are many rubbish mouths moving up-down whenever they see women or girls dressed up moderate. For those who have encountered these situations can understand how it feels like. You are getting ready to step outside, you have a happy face with an excitement, yes it takes you quite a long time selecting your dressed and the moment you leave your place; a controversial comment is waiting you. That doesn’t make you angry but It in a way questions you. You lose your confidence and start doubting on your own personality, do not let that happen. Remember the third person has to do nothing with you and your dressing sense. They are just idle sculptures thinking of lame comments day and night. You are a free soul to look the way you want.

Wear that confidence along your outfit. No matter what your peers say, no matter what those chitter-chatter boxes are up to and it hardly matter what those dogs are barking, its not your fault. Doesn’t matter if they, “lakdi jaisi ho, aur pehna kya hai!”, ignore those who say, ”Beta Canada main rehti ho” and those who opt for roadside their permanent house are sick. Always remember if you are right then doesn’t matter what the other person is commenting. And most importantly those who say that, “you are provoking boys” or “it was your dressing that got you raped” I would answer that –No one has the right to rape me even if I walk naked!

People should know, it is of no matter how the other person is dressed up. She is wearing what she wants to, who the hell are you to mumble in between? Its her walking naked, her choice; it should never bother you, except her family. One should never question or comment on or talk of about someone dressing in a negative way.

Yes we cann’t ignore that this back-biting of how a girl is dressed up has seen a huge step back in many areas. But still we cannot say that each and every women or girl doesn’t have to listen to all that. And those who listen this, feels this, I would say just Ignore! Its just that, ‘jitne mooh, utni baat’. You cann’t make all of them shut. So just take a chill-pill and live you amazing life according to you.