This is for all the girls who lay hold of delinquent advantage of their benefits; this is for all the boys who take a step back even when its not needed. This is for all the women who unethically rule their powers; this is for all the men who get suppressed under false judgment. This is for all people who believe that every ‘woman empowerment’ rule is made to overpower man. Sovereignty is for your upliftment not for swaying others.

Its been a long time that we people have been fighting for women rights, save girl child and all that kind of stuff. Yes, there is no wrong in doing this, because we had a patriarchal society, this was must. But if you see now, gradually things have changed. If you see now the percentage of rights illiteracy is decreasing, and so is changing the narrow mentality of people. Our country’s effort for bringing a good change has come up with a positive result. Now girls are given same platform to stand along boys, they are never said to back off from studies. You will very-very rarely see a juvenile getting married. Dowry cases have taken a setback to a very good extent. And above all women and girls know their rights and they don’t fear fighting for it. That’s the main thing, the crux of all endeavor is to let people make their stand and know their worth. And it’s a profound happiness to know that huge gallons of our population has taken these efforts seriously and have taken steps at their own level. But, you know every coin has two sides.

With every new opportunity, comes new challenges; with every new setback, comes new strength and with every new propitious step, comes new loop holes. Its really sad to say that many females settle on wrong path, taking advantage of their rights; but it’s a truth. Yes we have read those headlines of false dowry cases made by married women. It’s a less number, but fake rape cases have been registered for vengeance. It’s a reality that many girls walk with that plank card of ‘girl empowerment’ all the time just to justify whatever they do, irrespective of whether its ethically right or wrong. Normal public of our society gives us the evidence that we have completed many circles of female upliftment. So, today’s lines show that, its not that very hard to mould people’s mind as it was before. Yes, this wave has not reached each and every neuron but soon it will one day. Even now we have a long race to run to reach those blocked narrow nerves. But if you are given a privilege please don’t give it a negative hand of yours. The immunity is to protect you, not to damage others.

Some compete with themselves and go happy when they get full marks, and some are there who compete with other students and go happy if others score less marks. You guys are old enough to differentiate what’s right and wrong. So its a request to not to opt for the flawed road and also don’t flow in when some other advices you to take an edge of your exemptions. It’s indeed bogus!

Choose wisely.