I may not be beautiful, but I am intelligent

I may not be attractive, but I am strong

I may not be lovable, but I am loyal

I may not be charming, but I speak truth

I may not be the needed, but I care

I may not be rich, but I have a heart

I may not be expressive, but I understand

I may not utter, but sometimes it bothers

I may not be the perfect, but I am the right one

I may not be at the front, but I am the backbone

Others may be harsh and uncooperative,

But, me ‘woman’ will always be positive.

This is for all those tuff-hearted walkers rolling down a steep ladder with infinity% determination and optimism. Salute to all the ladies coming forth to achieve their dream. Just wanna tell rest of the sleeping beauties to wake up, let the negativity sleep and you should go and conquer your reign.