Is it too late already? Or, is it over for me? Questions and doubts like these often haunt the mind. But, what is the answer to this in actuality? Just like a poppy seed tends to remain dormant for over fifty years before finally blooming to its full beauty, in a similar manner, some of us too take our time in order to achieve the limits that we are capable of. There is no mark, no point at which someone should stop dreaming. Never. To prove this here is a list of some of the late bloomers who not only flied, but soared high in their sky of ambition.

1. Anna Mary Robertson Moses

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, or simply Grandma Moses, is one of the most famous names in American folk art. She started her career as a painter at the young age of 76 and had been unstoppable since then. She was self taught and her paintings were famous for her “country touch” in them. She soon became famous among art collectors and still remains popular today for her contribution towards the “American rural folk art”.

2. Clara Peller

Clara Peller rose to fame with her contribution towards the hamburger giant Wendy’s with the catchphrase ‘‘Where’s the beef?” She was 86 years old when she helped Wendy’s increase its revenue with the “beef” campaign. She shot to stardom and became an instant favourite in the year 1984, when she appeared in two television commercials for Wendy’s International Inc. Peller proved the phrase “age is just a number” in a very solid manner.

3. Helen Downie

Helen Downie, a cancer survivor, shot to fame and achieved international success as an artist at the young age of 48. She was discovered by fashion photographer Nick Knight and creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele which her to international stage. Downie substantiated the fact that talent can occur at any point in life and not just at a young age, contrary to popular belief.

4. Ernestine Shephard

Do you ever wonder if it’s too late to enter the Guinness Book of World Record? Well, bodybuilder Ernestine Shephard might clear your doubts when she made history as the world’s oldest competitive bodybuilder at the age of 80. She continues to radiate her positivity and provide fitness goals to the budding bodybuilders.

5. Ida Reeling

Ida Reeling does more than offering wise words of wisdom at the age of 102. She became a world record holder at Penn Relays for the best time for people over 100 in the 100 metre race. She was pushed forward by her daughter for a “small run” which eventually led to her outstanding track record and now, Mrs. Keeling remains unstoppable since the age of 67.