With every new day come new energy, new experience, new vision and new people. Either you lose someone or you meet someone new. We all keep updating our friend-lists to make it reach as many as people we can. This list of ours is also sub-divided, some are ‘hie-bie’ friends, some are very good friends and some ‘die-for’ ones. And the ones that come at the top of the list are those with whom you can share every second of your life. You never awkward or hesitant to speak to them, be it anything. And those are so so special and touching friends, in front of whom you can cry, to whom you can pour your heart out, like literally crying.

‘Opposites attract’, this slang you all may have read in physics. If you see than, yes, it actually is true! When it comes to an emotional support a girl may be sided to a boy more and boy will more comfortable with a girl. Its actually no wrong in this. But yes, this thing also brings a sense of possessiveness and fear of losing your ‘someone special’. You see, we all know that girls are comparatively less strong emotionally than boys, thing is that many of them don’t have control on their eyes getting wet. And when something so delicate is to be handed, one needs a strong personality, one who is caring and absolute for you in every form. And women always have an eye for that one concerned soul. What makes me sad is that in this huff-puff they forget that all time available shoulder for them!

‘Father’, these six alphabets are never enough to depict what this person holds in for you. You can’t define his love and kindness towards you. You may grow old, you may be married, you may be a teenage; but for your father you will be a cute little princess for all the time. You might be growing old day by day, but for him you are just newly born daughter, for whom he can sprinkle his life anytime. You grow old and some of you kind of get separated from that line of closeness with your dad. You at times forget that he is actually the only man you will never ever bring tears in your eyes. He will never say you anything because he really respects your personal life, but you never know he might be feeling quite sad for not having you the same princess way. Ladies, why you look for emotional support outside when you have the most precious gem with you. You cried when you were an infant, you cried when you fell of your bicycle, you cried when you first went to school and one day you will cry that same way in his arms when he will be letting you go with someone for you next whole life. That shoulder is priceless. That hug is phenomenal. So, don’t grow so big that you make your father crave for your childhood to come back. Be with him like you used to be in your very early age.

You may be a queen to someone in his dreams, but here in real you are his princesses and always be. So, don’t neglect it. That shoulder is never going to be too old for you to cry and let your mind rest. He is the first man having unconditional love blended for you in each of his breath.