A big sigh of confusion, that hard hollow engulf, those shivering lips and that storm bringing big drop roll down those pink cheeks. Millions of emotions fighting inside and you just say ‘she is crying’.

Then comes another grievous statement,-” Enough of your drama yaar, now please don’t start crying again”. Many of the males think and define females so emotional and ones who start crying on small- small issues which they rlabel as very irksome. They say women throw many tantrums. I myself have heard boys saying “uske to nakhre hi boht hai”, why? Because she is emotional which makes her go low quite easily. And at the top concluding all this they say that females are weak and timid.

Now my question to the boys or the men, do you think it is possible for a person sitting idle to start crying all of a sudden on her own? Now if you see practically then obviously ‘no’ or if we see emotionally then maybe this can happen while going through a sequence of some memories. Besides this the only answer is ‘no’; there is always a reason. Dear mean, women cry because you make them cry! And then if you cannot bear that crest fall of hers and are so harsh to provide that heartbroken soul your shoulder, i guess you are no more human; you are a robot! I tell you what actually goes around is that the one who is responsible, blames the other for their weakness to have themselves get covered. And i guess the whole scene doesn’t make the women tame rather it makes the men lacking courage and sane. Since childhood boys are brought up saying that boys don’t cry. And they make up their nerves so hard they cann’t feel the relaxation lying behind the tears. They don’t want to cry and so they enforce things on others.

Remember that women are really strong; no one can bear that pain of 20 bones getting broken at the same time, when she gives child a birth. And when she is crying, she is giving you a place a very close, to whom she can show her every face. Do remember if she is kind of weeping front of you it doesn’t means she is timid, rather she trusts you that you can be her perfect support.

It would be very thoughtful if you raise boys saying that, boys don’t make them cry. Yes, its no insulting to be categorized under ‘being emotional’, rather it is good that the women are at least having emotions for someone. They cry, because they care, and it is lame to question this pious feeling and marking it as their vulnerability. So, ladies don’t fear to shed those tears, feel proud that you are letting your low points flow out of you. What happen if they say, “these all your tantrums”, ditch what they say and feel boastful to be a caring lady. Never get dis-heartened when someone makes you go low, stand up and let them know their lacking.

Don’t fear crying, at least you are a human!