‘Love’, ‘Money’, ‘Power’, ‘Wealth’ or what is it that you think will be hardest or I should say horrible for you to loose?  You make so many new resolutions, you meet so many new people, you come in contact of so many things and since the starting every day of yours you have been  building yourself. You have a face, you have a voice, you have an identity and at the top you have your ‘Dignity’; your self respect. Ever thought, how is it loosing you identity, loosing the respect you have been building so long.I say, it is something more horrible than you can imagine, more painful than you can feel and more hair-rising than you can ever think of. And here it is about who lost their respect, their dignity, who felt each second killing; who were raped.

Standing under the shower, vowing the water to be the acid rotting away that filthy touch, rubbing vigorously to blow off that noxious smell, wishing that crying hard would change the past, those emotions of guilt, aggression, breaking down, helplessness and so many, contributing to the hurricane to burst in them and at last that experience of living dead. Besides, the bitter truth is that, our society is least bothered about how it feels after wards to the one who suffered, they are busy in the blame game. I wonder,  how can people be so in-sensitive that they cannot even see what she might have gone through. No one thinks of how many times she have had said ‘no’, how many times she have had cried, how many times she might have woke up by that nightmare, rather they start blaming her only. Give me a break man, ask yourself first, who the hell wants to get raped! No person is same, and not every one has that supportive family, who stands along their girls to fight this terrible stage.  But the truth is still some percent of population have this stupid mentality of making the poor soul feel raped many  times after that frightful sequence.  My say is just that- its your fight, fight it and win it.

Every day there is at least one news fixed about some women or girl being raped. Many end up their lives, many are treated as if they themselves have done something corrupted. Wake up ladies, its foolish to end up your life because you someone else’s deeds. Its senseless to punish yourself where you are not wrong. Stand up, break the shackles and shine like never before. The walk is really hard, facing all those social stereotypes will always let you down, but you need to get up and tell them to shut up. You have to turn those tears of regret to the vapors of  rage. And that rage will make you determined. You have your whole life ahead, you cannot give up because you are a ‘Women’, the strongest. Read good books, see motivational things, be with supportive people and most importantly believe in yourself. 

Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, a gang-rape survivor at the age of 12, little did she know that one day she will go through this. But we all should be proud of this lady who turned out the real example of sunshine who once again shown after the sunset. She proudly came up with an anti-trafficking organisation supported by government and other law enforcement agencies, and still is very successful in running this. For her such a fearless step and strong vision she has been awarded with the famed Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Innovation award of 2014, making her the first Indian in that list. I hope this becomes the inspiration to those still fighting with their spine-chilling memory. I wish every rape victim to rise again and blossom with bright colors. And i hope that ones sitting and playing that blame game will one day definitely get to know what is right!