. .  . “Well, it’s a real Nightmare, which happened to me very recently, which I can never forget I guess.

Because that experience was very scary, dark, very dark. 

Well am from Mangalore, One day Me and My Mother were traveling to Bangalore, in a night bus.

My mother loves traveling to Banglore in Bus, We were going to My Grandmothers birthday party that night.

I think it was 2014, We got the Volvo Bus, and our journey started smoothly with peacefully. It was an Ac bus so was feeling cold took the blanket on me. And settled in my seat.

By then, The bus conductor he put some movie. My mother was fast asleep and I was kind of awake. The journey was long, so I took my phone and was usually whatsapping my friends.

By then When I was busy on my phone. I started feeling something touching below my back. I taught it must be back persons foot which he must have kept his foot mistakenly in between the seats, where there will be a little gap. 

So, I ignored and was back on my phone messaging, by then the foot was not disturbing. Later on, I fell asleep. When I was in sleep I again felt the foot in the gap which was poking my back, constantly. I was not able to sleep, so I peeped behind to tell the person to move his foot down.

When I peeped behind it was dark, I couldn’t see anything behind even the person I couldn’t see, just I saw the seat behind me was empty. And the person sitting next to the empty seat, he was deeply snoring. So taught his foot hit me mistakenly.

Then later, the foot poking stopped for a while. Then I felt kinda relief and went off to sleep.

When I was in deep sleep, almost in sleep I started feeling, someone’s hand over my hair. And that hand started moving towards my cheeks. That was so scary situation for me. Where everyone is sleeping and its dark did not know what to do. No single person were awake

Then My mom sitting beside, she was in deep sleep. I immediately woke her up. Told, my mother that, ” Someone is trying  to touch me from behind”,

My mother hearing it, She became alert and she peeped behind to see who was the person? who was trying to touch me? 

When she peeped behind she saw a middle Aged, thin man was not in his seat, he was down as he was trying to poke me from behind. 

That man was sitting down and was trying to touch me, by seeing this my mother became furious, she yelled yet the man by saying,”how dare is you to touch my daughter”, then my mother Came as a Life savior for me.

My mother got up from her seat, held the guy’s collar and slapped his face. And then passenger some of the guys came forward for our help and threw the dirty man out of the bus. In the middle of the right, he was thrown out of the bus. 

These kind MEN should be taught a lesson, so they don’t dare try to touch any women again. That man must have taught, that I will keep quiet and I will not yell. But he got his lesson right there on his face. 

Never Keep Quite, face it and fight it.