“O you woman!

Why do you after all submit

To who that ever hurts and hits,

Causes you only sufferings

Distresses are his offerings.

And gives you nothing

Except tongue-lashes

And choicest accusations?

What after all do you get

From him except tears?

What he gives you except pain?

Or enduring accusations

Is your only future?

Still they blame thee

Saying none understands you

What is your fault in it

If they fail to know you?

If fault is that is of the people

Who have not a sensitive heart

That is essentially needed

To understand a sweetheart.

If none has a sensitive heart

Can’t understand your kind heart.

There is a mother in each woman

A sensitive-hearted son can realise

Every woman is a sister

Sensitive brother can sympathize.

In each woman there is a wife

Could be understood by kind in-law

She is a sister-in-law as well

Could be realised by kind brother-in-law.

She is beloved too who couldn’t be

Understood by an insensitive lover.

She herself is the temple Venus

And adoring Venus is not a folly.

It is the love that is eternal.

Could you not see your folly?