We all know the situation that as a society we have created for Women in India. Here is the common conversation even now happens between a newly wedded couple:

Wife :  I was thinking that if, i could join back my office from next month as of we are done with all wedding rituals and all the formalities of marriage.

Husband :  Why do you want to work?. You know my income is more than enough for taking care of our expenses. And, I think you should help my mother is household works, rather than wasting you time at work. Family should be your first priority. These kind conversation are common in India, among the newly wedded couple.

Seriously, We are in our 70th year of  our Independence, still people in India thinks that women who wants to work outside home is against the Mens pride. Mens income is more values then women’s

  While we take it granted for the husband to resume his work after marriage and a girl has to go through the process of seeking permission from her husband and in laws. The lifestyle of a girl depends on whether husbands family allows her to step out of her home to earn for herself is it a ‘Crime’, is enough for the family reputation or not

Once a lady clears all the obstacles in getting approval to work, the second main question comes up is the ‘type of work’ that would ideal for the ‘bahu’ of the household. She may or may not be allowed to continue her previous job without following these criteria:

– The job should  be a respectful one as per the standards of the society.

– The amount in pay cheque should not be more than here husbands

– If she is earning her earning  is for her in laws and not for her own family and she should follow these rules according to her husbands or in law.

A women is under a constant pressure to not to give her the required freedom to work. It is very unlikely that the career of a women in Indian society is seen through the same lens as that of her husband. And completely ignoring the effort and enegry that a woman puts into to make her career successful.

According to Indian Survey, it is found that 2/3rd of Indian Womens felt there enquality exits at home. And 85% of working Women in India felt that they have two jobs, one professtionally and other personal home work. These statistics clearly tells about the issues faced by the Working Women at home.  She gets little or no support from the family. Though the couple put same efforts in their jobs.

By looking at these facts, can we really say that a Married Woman, who is pursuing her career, is an Independent Women?. Though theirs lots of development in the country, is she freed to take are own decisions based on her husbands and i laws like and Dislikes. We are still stuck this question: Does a ‘ Married Women’ have freedom to work as per their choices?. If a man is allowed to work according to his way, then why not The Married Women..