“Let’s not reciprocate the predominating culture and keep judging her past!’

“Because being judgemental is the birth right of human!!”

Sunny Leone, picture of beauty and grace in every contribution she have ever made. Whether being indulged in charity or adoption of a girl child, she slammed the outrageous demands of the society.But no this is not what we associate with her.We tend to intrude mockingly in every public statement made by her, her past, her choices, her decision, her attires, her profession,her personal life or to whichever extent we would like to!

Let’s talk about ACCEPTANCE ,the ability which even other famous figures lack INCLUDING US!

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What will they think about my sexuality? What if they laugh at me? What if they left me in isolation? What if! What if! What if!!

Yes, these are the only thoughts which pops up in one’s mind when it comes to acceptance. Sunny Leone, unhesitatingly accepted her past. And that past clasped a reason. She proved to be a lady with standard through every public interview. Her attitude and confidence is commendable.

Still we will mock every decision she makes and dare not to support her. She has accepted her professional choices yet we continue to critique her! Was indulging in a public profession made her less than a human or criticizing her made us more than that?

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It’s not her actually it’s us who made this hypocritical notions of society, judging people on the basis of their pasts!