“Real women are fat. And thin. And both, and neither and otherwise.” ~Hanne Blank

Today women’s are assumed to be sexy only if their body is curvy. Though we live in modern age but ‘BODY SHAMING’ is that prevalent issue which contributes to the hinderance of women’s upliftment. People satisfy themselves by targeting their own  insecurities on others. They find amusement factor in the sarcastic comments they put on women, relating them being skinny, fat ,oval and what else.

‘The fight is not about SUPREMACY, it’s about EQUALITY.’ Boys, on hitting puberty develop the features which are considered to be a symbol of their ‘masculinity’. While on the same side, girls are announced to wrap up their physical features because they are not girls anymore but woman. Is this what we talk EQUALITY about? Men’s can boast off their hairy thighs in half-pants, lying wherever they wish to but for women it is not considered as appropriate to wear skirts without waxing! They are told to ‘sit like a lady’. Is this the behavioural guideline provided by the society to approve that SHE IS A WOMAN? Isn’t it perceivable that she is a woman, the way she is?

It is estimated that one out of three girls is involved in binge eating in order to be ‘slim-fit’. However, the lines covering the front page of magazine ‘TOP 10 WAYS TO LOOK LIKE A MODEL’ can also be concluded as one of the factor of body shaming. How can one taught a girl to be a doctor or an astronaut when we can’t teach to love herself, her soul, her body, her appearance, her everything? 

How can you one go inspire young teenage girls to have big dreams when most of her worries are body related ? Before giving them education of career, prepare them to accept their body and sexuality. A famous celebrity, Ariana Grande received a comment “Curves are sexy sticks aren’t”. She chose not to be a victim by flaunting her body the way it is.

Instead of telling them to have a slim fit body and staring angrily for not sitting with one leg dangling over other ( which society consider as ‘proper’), let her be who she actually is and sit the way she wants.

Woman, no matter Curvy or skinny, thin or fat, oval faced or round faced, is a woman. Beauty has no size limits.

source of image – instagram