Laughing out loud insanely, doing all the stupid talks, pulling each other’s legs, making jokes and all that stuff is very refreshing and adoring. We all hang-out with our peers and do all the crazy twaddle we love to. As we grow, stepping out of the school with new wings and energy, we really want to do all that fan-tactical deeds, we party, we enjoy, we go for outing and much more. But somewhere at some time we, a kind of go far from our family or I must say our mom.

That one day when I ditched going out with my friends and went for a movie and a ‘hang-out’ with my mom, made me realize that I have been looking for gold outside when I was having the whole mine in my home. She was no less than my friend, she was more than a mother to me the whole day, she was my bestest friend. That day made me think that she don’t go out often with her friends, she never goes out for parties and never did she ask me not to go with my circle and be with her. We enjoyed our movie, ate lavishing food, did really heavy and appetizing chitter-chatter and never-ending giggling. Trust me if you would have been there at my place, you will also always keep that mommy-ride above everything.

I think all of us must think of something special always that we can do for mother. Her pure love for us never stops her to jump in the ditch first, making us safe. So, can’t we give her at least some quality time to spend? A mother’s whole world starts and finishes at one point only, her home, her family. We may find thousands of friends, may be handful of them will be very trustworthy, but the only people you can trust blindly are your parents. Spending time with them will make you feel that you have been missing so much to enjoy, cherish and be thankful off. I would say make your mother, you best friend. Share your every problem with her, I can give you in written that she would be at the top of the world to see that you are sharing each and every part of your life with her and having faith in her above all. She takes care of you unconditionally, it’s neither her duty nor any favor, and it’s her love. And love demands only love, nothing else. So, try a hang-in with your mom and look at that happy tear in her eyes.