It’s a story of an unborn unlucky Girl, who tries to

Talk to her mother, from her mother’s Womb

Maa, can you hear me, please tell me can you hear me?

I know you can because you to love me.

I remember the very first moment,

Actually, my life’s last awesome moment.

When I saw happiness in your family and you.

That a new family member will be with you.

Yesterday a white coat man recognized me.

He named me “GIRL”

And now you all hate me.

Because I am not that pearl.

The pearl, you all want, who can make you proud,

The pearl, at your old age, can make you walk on the ground.

I don’t know, what is Boy or Girl,

I just know that I am God’s little angel.

Maa, I would do everything which could make you happy,

Just give a chance to be on earth, the God’s beauty.

I want to feel your love and to play with your hair.

I want to make my Dad, the luckiest father in the world.

I would do every impossible in the world,

Just don’t kill me only because I am a Girl.

Nobody heard of her, the little life died,

And once again the story of a girl was kept aside.

My heart calls me every now and then,

I don’t hear him because I am not the lion who lives in the den.

I alone can’t do anything,

I need you, yes you, to do all that grands.

World’s cycle runs on both the wheels.

And you are daring too.

If you can get the worlds love,

Without your sweet sister’s love.

If you

can live your whole life,

Without a loving and caring wife.

If you can really walk proudly under the sun,

Without marring your life’s pearl, your son.

And I guarantee, you are really a God’s child,

If you can take birth.

Without your mother on earth,

Because, unfortunately, all these are Girls.

But not the one, which you want, yes, the pearls.

Hey, you all powerful and common man.

Please stretch out your hand, and pledge that

We would never let anyone to do Female Feticide,

We will stop people from Gender Discrimination.

The Girls and Boys should be equally treated, in our family, society and in our country.