I really wonder always, when a Girl child is born in a house the atmosphere of the house changes. I have absorbed, not that a boy baby’s birth doesn’t change the atmosphere. Every baby whose born in this world is very Special.

But, when Girl child is born, it’s very different feeling in house and around the place when Girl baby steps into this world, the feelings is like a Blessing from above. God has showered the family with loving and a beautiful Girl child.

India is slowly changing its view towards a Girl child. Where before during our Grandfather’s olden times… There was only value for a Baby boy. When a baby boy used to be born there used to be grand celebration n less for baby Girl. And they used to think Girls get bad luck. Because they thought Girls were just a heavy weight on their head till they get married. But now, the trends are changing like the world is, People now think baby Girls birth gets lots of happiness and wealth in the family. The house fills with positive vibes.

During my Grandmother’s times, the neighbourhood survey that the shape of her pregnant belly was adjudge whether its Girl or boy has floated inside. The verdicts would be said: “Mubarak ho, lag raha he phela bachacha ladka hi hoga” (Congratulations, looks like your first child is going to be a boy), if their prediction goes wrong the mothers are blamed for it, as if the mothers are one who did the crime by not giving birth to a Baby Boy. And the mothers would made to do many poojas, so that next time when woman delivers it should be a boy.

But now, times are changing to the core, In India people are performing pooja to have a Girl Child, Girls birth are now celebrated grandly. When people hear Girl baby is born, family becomes So happy by telling “OH! Wow Laxmi has come”. People be so happy. And, when baby boy is born. “OH! Baby boy we wanted a Girl child”, people face just turn so sad. It feels really nice now that Girl babies are valued slowly. People has come to know now that Baby Girls birth gets Good look and prosperity in the house. Not as a bad luck. Because, as I have heard saying by my elders that Girls always support their parents till the end and Girl always be close to mom and dad, and Boys be with their parents till they get independent or till they get married. But Girl will always support her mom and Dad.

Don’t you guys think, India is slowly changing its view towards a Girl Baby