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  • Tasneem Kauser

    The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial role women have played in managing and mitigating the impact of the crisis.In this context, women leaders have emerged as prominent figures in the response efforts. This case study analyzes their experiences, shedding light on the evolving roles women are playing in crisis response and their impact on shaping effective strategies.
    Women Leaders in Public Health:Managing the global health crisis, such as heads of state, government officials, health ministers, and public health experts.
    Addressing Gender-Related Impacts:Women leaders have responded to gender-related impacts of the pandemic, including the disproportionate burden of care work, increased domestic violence, and the socio-economic effects on women.
    Navigating Complex Decision-Making:The challenges faced by women leaders in navigating complex decision-making processes during a global health crisis. It explores the barriers and biases they encounter, the strategies they employ to overcome them, and the importance of their unique perspectives in shaping effective policies and interventions.
    Promoting Global Collaboration and Equity:The efforts of women leaders in promoting international collaboration, equitable access to vaccines, and resources for developing countries.

    It highlights the importance of diverse leadership in shaping effective strategies, addressing gender-related impacts, and promoting global collaboration and equity. By examining the experiences of women leaders, this study contributes to a deeper understanding of the evolving roles of women in crisis response and provides valuable insights for future crisis management and leadership development.

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