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  • Agnes Rose Rony

    Domestic violence on the basis of gender is not associated with a particular culture or society. Rather it is a global issue.
    Almost one in three women across the world have experienced one or other forms of gender based violence in their lifetime (According to WHO study published in 2021).
    Women accross the globe have been addressing their physical and mental pressures facing at public and private domains. But despite having a global face, only a small proportion of women voice out the violence against them publicly. Millions of cases of gender violences against women go unreported. Feeling ashamed and the fear of social alienation alongside unawareness, financial barriers and cultural beliefs makes them remain silent about the violences. Despite the fact that domestic violence are highly prevalent in recent years, the stigma associated with gender based violence still remains.
    Stigma is made of labeling, stereotyping, and separation that can cause status loss and discrimination. Internalised stigma can affect the mental health and reduce the hep-seeking behaviour of the victim. The negative feelings implanted in the mind of the victim can have a long time impact on the victim’s mental and physical health. This can often lead to suicidal temptations and social alienation.
    Gender based violence is more prevalent where there are no legal consequences, the societal norms are sexist and patriarchal, and in humanitarian emergencies, conflicts and wars. The failure in legal systems, ignorance, intolerance, and hatred based on prejudices result in the social exclusion and violation of rights of the victims.
    The spread of technological innovations and rising use of internet often act as a tool for the victims to pull their voice out and ensure accessibility to rights and legal justice.
    The stigma associated with gender based violence should be removed from the grassroots of the society. Only in such a society can a women raise her problems and find solutions.

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