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  • Manisha Gupta

    Water is the basic need of every living organisms. It is almost impossible to even imagine a single day without water. There are various resources of water : oceans ,seas,lakes,rivers, rainwater etc. A human life is 90% dependent on water for its survival. Plants and animals also need water for their survival. We have always been said that drink clean water and use clean water for everyday purpose. Animals and plants also need clean water for their existence but have we ever made necessary steps to keep our water resources clean? The average answer would be No. Water pollution is one of the major issue every country worldwide faces every year. Rivers are polluted by humans by throwing dirty stuffs. Factories and industries drainage system ends at rivers polluting the water. Harmful chemicals thrown by the these big industries kill the marine animals and pollute the entire river which ends up meeting the ocean . Thus the ocean is polluted in big scale. Scarcity of drinking water has become area of concern in various areas. It is every individual’s duty to take positive steps towards water sanitation. Water is our life long need so it is necessary to invest time and devote oneself in the process.
    Few necessary steps can be :
    Reduction of plastic uses as plastic plays vital role in the water pollution.
    We must not wash our dirty utensils and clothes in river directly.
    Proper drainage system of houses.
    Industrial waste and throwing of harmful chemicals directly into the river must be banned.
    Every month river and near by water resources must be cleaned .
    Rainwater harvesting.
    Stopping excess and unwanted use of water.
    We must appeal to the government for taking necessary action if it is not manly posible to clean the water resources.
    Clean water keeps us away from diseases.
    Dirty water is the source of birth of harmful organisms that leads to the generation of thousands of diseases .

    It is our duty to keep our surroundings clean . We must know the importance of clean water and act accordingly . Water is the first and foremost need of living beings including humans , animals, plants and microscopic creatures etc. Cleanliness is Godliness.

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