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  • Ishita Gupta

    It is high time that the separation between public sphere and private sphere is done away with. While in the earlier times, women were restricted to the confines of their household and were dependent on the male members of the family be it their father, husband or son, the circumstances have changed in the present era. Nowadays women are becoming independent and taking up jobs outside their household. From education to career, their is no field left where women have failed to show their potential. The need of the hour now is for women to have a voice in the Parliament. As we all know, Parliament is the law making organisation of India and it is hence necessary for women candidates to be present and participate in the law making process. Only women candidates will be able to better address the issues faced by majority of the female population in this country, be it related to sexual offences, reservations for females in legislature, menstrual leave etc. Participation of women in Parliament will also show the gender neutral stance of equality, one of the many key elements on which our Indian Constitution is based. We have already given reservations to women in local bodies so why can’t we provide the same in our Legislative assemblies and Parliament? India ought to be a country that respects gender parity as women have played a crucial role in the society since times immemorial. To think that women are in any way less than men is an understatement. Women have been facing the streotypes of a patriarchal society for a long time and it is now time to change the scenario for a better tomorrow. And the initial step could be to provide for more female candidates in the Parliament.

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