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  • Sanskriti Gupta

    The term health stands for a complete state of physical, mental and emotional well-being. This term includes various state of different types of health. This topic can be endlessly discussed as it doesn’t have a fullstop but we can discuss various ways to improve our health status. Health is something which can also be considered as an individual growth. It describes how an individual handles himself/herself without compromising health. When we talk about being physically fit, it doesn’t mean that our appearance should look good, instead it means that how much fit and healthy we are from inside. It is a vast topic. A person is physically fit when he/she is free from all kind of disease. Firstly we should understand that our body system gives us strength to work and manage things in our day to day lives. This strength and energy comes from the food we eat. The food we eat should be of good quality and not junk food. The junk food is only for the taste of our tongue but if is consumed it will have a major negative impact on our health and functioning of our body. Eating food in large quantities can have a serious effect on body leading to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholestrol etc. In order to be free from all kind of diseases we should follow balanced meal diet. It will help us to balance our body, mind and soul.
    When it comes to mental health we must understand understand that being mentally fit is the most important part. Being mentally fit and stable will help us improving our life style and the way of living. There are many people around the world who are not in state of mental well-being, such people must be handled with care. We should share our problems with our family and friends whom we trust and not compile things in our mind

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