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  • Shruti Swarupa Dhar

    Why are actresses paid less than actors when both of them actually put equal efforts?
    Noone can predict the success of a film at box-office, then why such discrimination in pay?

    Actresses are assumed to be perfect in all matters be it look or acting, despite that when it comes to acknowledging it, there’s a mole.
    Top actors in Bollywood or even Hollywood earn more than five times than the top actresses, and some directors and producers have been quite fine with keeping it that way. In 2003, leading filmmaker Karan Johar dropped prominent A-list actress Kareena Kapoor Khan from his movie Kal Ho Na Ho for asking equal money as the lead actor Shah Rukh Khan. Preity Zinta ended up with the role and Karan and Kareena “didn’t speak to each other for almost a year” as the director mentions in his autobiography. Even though situations are improving, is it really resolved?

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