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    ‘Gender Equality’ & ‘Gender Justice’ are commonly used together and treated as similar terms. But, despite of this common use, both connotes different meaning and also highlight special role of gender in society. We welcome your views on these two terms in a way to highlight role of women in society and to understand discrimination faced by women in day to day life.

    Proposal A

    ‘Gender Equality’ is misguided terms which attempts to make two different beings equal. Women and Men are different and have different role in the society. Therefore, it would be wise to use the term ‘Gender Justice’ rather than ‘Gender Eqality’.

    Proposal B

    Till we don’t achieve ‘Gender Equality’, it would be difficult to get right place for women in society. The term ‘Gender Justice’ often used to restrict role of women to home with division of functions based on discriminatory traditions. Therefore, ‘Gender Equality’ is more desirable.


    Though we are in 70th year of Independence,still there is gender equality specially against Women of India. Its really sad were we worship women as Shakti,the atrocities are committed agaisnt her in all sections of life.She is being looked down as commodity or as a slave, she is not robbed of her dignity and pride outside her house but she also faces ill-treatment and other atrocities within the four walls of her house. Though at work place women are equal against men in office, But mens work are highly appreciated than women. In modern times many women are coming out to work but has to shoulder the double responsibility; one she has to work where she is employed and secondly she also has to do all the house hold works, moreover, she is last to be considered and first to be fired as she is considered to be less productive than her counterpart. Her general status in the family and in the society has been low and unrecognized. When ever there is violence against women, if the girl is teased, rape Why all always people first blame we girls, ladie that the cloths which we were it provoke them to do these disgusting things. Were there is no power justice to women even now.


    Gender justice- this is a topic we all have been listening to for quite a long time. What i see now is that today’s generation and the youth are very into this thing but it takes some time to convince the elderly people who have been following the hollow rituals. This step is emerging positively but what i feel now is that many somehow takes advantage of this ‘give equality’ tag. We cann’t always comment the males as wrong, i feel many women makes this tag line as a shield to overcome the siations where they are wrong, so people should keep this in mind and do what is right only.


    ‘GENDER JUSTICE: a significant right’

    “It’s not about equality, it’s about SUPREMACY”
    In my opinion Gender Justice play a major role,basic right granted to every human female to live in dignity and freedom without any fear,which wittingly can be seen practiced.It promotes the equal share of work between men and women living under a same roof, social, economic and political. Men- considered to be a dominant head of family, taking every credit of work which he owns barely recognize the value of women. Because in the society where we regard ‘heterosexual’ for different and ‘homosexuals’ as same,and talk about their equality, their justice, do we really fulfill the respect, dignity and freedom demanded by women? No, because from ancient times they are entitled to do household chores and bring up the family! But this is high time now and women are filled with fury and rage! Not only women’s, men are also concentrated with higher demands placed by society in economical and political issues.Gender justice provides the greater freedom to all, equally.


    It is gender justice that is important. The real meaning of gender equality lies in gender justice only. Making two different things equal may not be justice done.

    Piyu Radadiya

    Gender equality is human rights.women and men not treated equally.In every work field there have gender gap.Gender equality mean not making difference between women and men.Gender justice denotes that all people having same all gender treated with equality.

    Darshini Suresh

    Usually both these sound similar so they are even taken as similar contexts. Gender equality is giving equal right to woman as men in every field with changing perspectives. But gender justice is creating equal freedom to all, it being fredom of speech, movement etc.Gender justice leads is the root to gender equality according to me.

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