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  • Bhavya Asthana

    The significance of this question is to understand the root causes of child marriage and to develop effective strategies to prevent it. By understanding the cultural and traditional beliefs that perpetuate child marriage, policymakers and activists can work to change these beliefs and promote alternative ways of thinking about girls and their value to society.

    Krisha Shah
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    Child marriage is fueled by cultural and traditional beliefs in certain societies. While not globally applicable, these beliefs have been linked to child marriage in some communities. One relatable belief is the emphasis on gender roles, where girls are expected to marry early to fulfill their role as wives and mothers. Preserving family’s honor and reputation is another belief, often related to controlling female sexuality. Economic considerations play a role as well, with families marrying off daughters to reduce financial burdens. Long-standing traditions and social norms also perpetuate child marriage in some cultures. Limited education and awareness contribute to the issue, as communities may lack understanding of the negative impacts. Child marriage violates human rights and has serious consequences for girls. Efforts are being made globally to combat this issue through legal reforms, education initiatives, and awareness campaigns. And also for the girls it is not a sort of justice, they are still young and innocent, and marriage is something that needs maturity in both aspects mentally and physically.

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