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Samriti Sharma
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Financial independence is a must in today’s world, and yes homemakers can definitely achieve financial independence. In the present era of technology there are unlimited opportunities available to every person. The nature of the work is not only confined to study structure. With the advancement of technology and innovation talent today is prioritised and appreciated all over the world.
I believe every person is gifted with a certain with certain skills, abilities which make us different from each other. Like at present there are almost 160 million homemakers in India with different set of skills which can be utilised to achieve financial independence.
Let’s take for an instance a women who’s hobbies include cooking, there is an opportunity for her to join some cooking classes to refine her skills and transform that hobby to a passion that pays off well. Likewise are many other women who do a great job at house decoration, they can pursue a course on interior designing etc. There are tremendous opportunities available provided the person is their heart and soul to the work they’ve been assigned.
Women today are becoming well versed with technology directly which is helping them to keep in touch with the changing times and thus enabling them to earn through their passion. Various online courses are available nowadays which are offered at considerable price within a reasonable time and some of them are selectively available for homemakers.
Financial independence of homemakers is and will be a significant achievement of the nation someday.